Why Do Guys Send Dick Pics?

Gentlemen (and you really don’t deserve that title based on what I’m about to say), why are you still sending dick pics to women you meet online? And I mean women you meet online only, whom you haven’t met in real life and now will never have any chance of meeting IRL once you have sent your offensive selfie of something that you are so much more mesmerized and fascinated by than we will ever be?

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Stop Slut Shaming Me, English Language!

Because I have a vagina, I am called a woman, but because I am a sexual woman, I am called a slut. Or worse. And when I say “I,” I speak for many women. Not all women, but all of the women who have been called sluts, whores and bitches.

Bitch has a different connotation, of course. We are called bitches for asserting ourselves. Assertive men are leaders. Assertive women are bitches, or at least called bossy. But when we’re in the full power of our womanhood and we’re not holding back for fear of being judged, aren’t we all really bitchy sluts at heart? Because wouldn’t we all like to assert ourselves and wouldn’t we all like to take as much pleasure in our sexuality as we can?

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Not So Great Expectations

I’ve previously made fun of the lamely named dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, but to be fair, not one guy I’ve met on there has told me he wants me to “get drunk and make bad choices,” as my most recent – and final – date from happn did within 15 minutes of meeting.



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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

I was out with a guy I discovered I wasn’t really interested in once we met up, and not just because he’d lied about his height and was probably four inches shorter than me. Towards the end of the date he suggested we play a round of “Three Questions.” We would each get to ask each other three questions, and we had to answer honestly.


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