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Equal Opportunity Dater, Part II

Not only did Subodh have a good personality, he chose a really nice Japanese restaurant. And when I say really nice, it was nicer than he intended. When we asked for menus, the waitress informed us that they served omakase style, a set tasting menu of dishes selected by the chef. There were two menu options – one was $140 and one was $180. The difference was the number of items on the menu.

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Equal Opportunity Dater, Part I

My first few weeks on eHarmony had been a resounding failure. I wasn’t having bad dates; I wasn’t having any dates, as thus far no one had made it past the pre-date elimination round. One positive thing I will say for myself is that I am an Equal Opportunity Dater. In fact, you could say I’m like the EEOC of dating (so I guess the EDOC?).

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eHarmony or eHarmful?

So far on eHarmony, the so-called serious dating site for marriage-minded men, I’d communicated with Dick Pic Joe and “Our First Date Will Be Like a Third Date” Michael, neither of whom I even met in person. Yes, it was a blessing for a guy to show himself to be undateable before I wasted time meeting him, or worse, but was there anyone who was actually dateable to be found on eHarmony?

eHarmony Questions

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