Spanning 23 years and nearly as many men, BOSSY IN BED is a hilarious yet heartfelt memoir about sleeping one’s way around the world.

Lisa Poliak, a nice, middle-class white girl from the Valley, begins her story as she attempts to lose her hated virginity at 19 at Carnivale in Venice, with comical, confusing results.

BOSSY carries us through a failed engagement, sexual dysfunction, infidelity, insecurity, a secret porn stash and a move to New York City. Finally free again after five years of bad sex with her ex-fiancé, Lisa finds being single in Brooklyn is no guarantee of good sex or emotional satisfaction.

Erica Jong meets Chelsea Handler in Lisa, who tells the unvarnished truth about being with men from diverse cultures and backgrounds, often African and Caribbean. BOSSY IN BED audaciously tackles topics too provocative to discuss in polite company, from interracial sex to the importance of penis size and the unabashed joy of getting good oral.

Lisa’s adventures continue with a relationship with a sexy Senegalese musician, a trip to Africa, the best sex EVER in Madrid, being robbed by a lover, a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn, and two almost-threeways gone wrong. Not merely a Size Queen but also the Queen of Rationalization, Lisa often tries to think herself into believing that somehow it can work with the wrong guy when, clearly, it cannot. And she doesn’t just put up with bad sex, but with bad behavior, often more in love with the fantasy in her head than the actual man in her bed.

In the course of our story, Lisa transforms from a passive 19-year-old virgin to a sexually empowered woman in her early 40s who’s not afraid to say what she wants and hold out for what she deserves.

After 20 years of misadventures and a year of living celibately, Lisa ultimately gains hard-earned wisdom and even harder-earned self love, visiting more countries below the belt than most people travel to in a lifetime.