Tinder Text Talk

Him: So I gather you’re not a very sexual woman?

Me: That’s a very bizarre thing to say.


Him: Oh boy.
Him: Why is that?


Me: You know nothing about me.


Him: No I don’t. There for (sic) I’m asking questions.
Him: Sorry Rachel
Him: Didn’t mean to get you upset…


Me: I’m not upset. Or Rachel.


Him: Hahahah!
Him: I’m sorry my agent just called me!!!
Him: Hahahah! Her name is Rachel!
Him: Sorry Lisa!
Him: You’re really over me!
Him: I’ll stop bothering you.


Me: But it’s too bad you’re only interested in girls who want to hookup. You’re probably missing the really good ones.
Me: And someone can tell you how sexual they are, but you’ll never know unless you know for yourself.
Me; And someone who is super sexual wouldn’t tell you that over a text.


Him: Why would you say that’s all the girls I’m interested in? Hahaha


Me: It takes time to learn about someone.


Him: Huh?
Him: It’s tinder.
Him: In my time on tinder
Him: So far you are the ONLY one that hasn’t initiated dirty talk
Him: Ever
Him: So this time I thought I’d give it a shot.


Me: Are you serious?


Him: And BOY did it back fire


Me: That’s just gross and lame.


Him: Yes VERY
Him: Good night Lisa


Me: I would only talk dirty to you in the right circumstance. Oh well.


Him: Oh well
Him: Lame
Him: But I understand your disposition


Me: Next time, try drinks first.


Him: There will be no next time…
Him: Sorry


Me: I meant with the next girl.


Him: Honestly you’ve made me want to delete tinder now.


At least I did a favor to the other women of the world.



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